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Gettysburg College implemented a strategic, video-powered recruitment plan that resulted in a 60% inquiry-to-applicant conversion rate and a 33% yield rate.

Through pre-recorded information sessions and videos focused on key topics in the student journey, Gettysburg’s small team identified how video strategically impacts enrollment outcomes.

Illustration with purple stripe background. Female character sitting down looking at a tablet device. A yellow wave extends to the right with icons on it - chat icon, search icon, calculator, graduation cap, light bulb, book, and pencil. To the far right of the yellow background are two circles. The top circle says 60% inquiry-to-applicant rate. The second circle below says 33% yield rate.


Gettysburg College needed to develop both on-demand content and live/pre-recorded event programming that would continue to engage students post-pandemic.


PlatformQ Education collaborated with Gettysburg College leadership to develop a dynamic approach to virtual engagement, with a focus on timely and relevant topics to students at all funnel stage as follows:

Students who missed a live or simulive event viewed that same content on-demand.

Students engaged in live programming that not only created a sense of community and belonging, but also allowed questions to be answered in an approachable and interactive environment.

Call-to-action buttons were integrated into the branded platform as a means to drive conversion of inquiries and admitted students.


In back-to-back years (20-21 and 21-22), students who engaged with Conduit at the inquiry, applicant, and admit stages converted at a higher rate than those who did not. Gettysburg College saw success in the following areas:

While more admitted students entered the platform during the pandemic in 20-21, those admitted students who entered the platform in 21-22 engaged in twice as many activities (presentations viewed, links clicked, chat interactions, documents clicked, and pages visited) at a rate of 21 activities per user.

588 admitted students

Over a two-year period, 588 admitted students clicked the “Join the Class” deposit button while in Conduit, representing 92% of all links clicked in the 21-22 cycle.

611 prospective students

In 20-21 and 21-22 611 prospective students clicked the “Apply Now” button while in Conduit.

15% higher

Yield rates were over 15% higher in both years for admitted students who engaged with Conduit.

68 - average number of attendees

Information sessions, in particular, were consistently well-attended, averaging 68
attendees across all live and on-demand sessions.