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Build Effective Communication Flows

Convert Delivers the Right Message

Convert gets you noticed by your audience and meaningfully gauges their interest in your institution. This list segmentation and automated email platform for higher ed effectively directs users to your most important video content, allowing you to reach a larger audience with less legwork.

Make It Simple To Stay Engaged

Rather than using repetitive forms across the enrollment cycle, Convert delivers trackable, individualized auto-login links called Q-Tokens. In-depth data and behavioral reporting allows you to learn your audience’s interests and address their concerns. Sharing your most important video content just got easier —  for you and your prospects.

Key Benefits of Convert

Support For All Stages, From Student Search to Yield


Flexible and Scalable Campaigns


Individualized, Trackable Q-Token Links


Content Flows For Students, Parents, and Influencers


Email Templates Tailored to Individual Users and Devices


Built-in A/B Testing for Subjects Lines and Copy


Data-Informed Feedback After Each Email Send


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