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We can’t wait to talk with you more about video-powered recruitment strategies. One of our team members will be in touch soon about next steps.

Prospective students consume hours of media every day. You’re producing videos you believe your audience wants, but are you effectively measuring its impact where it counts — your overall enrollment goals?

We know first-hand how video impacts enrollment outcomes, and we’re hyper-focused on helping our clients create and distribute the right content at the right time to make the biggest impact.

PlatformQ delivers with Conduit, your institutionally-branded streaming video platform. Across every interaction, you’ll learn more about what content students consume, when they consume it, and what they dive into next. As a result, you’ll build smarter campaigns dedicated to your audiences’ most pressing needs.

You’re juggling multiple priorities — we get it. That’s why we’ll pair you with a team of experts to help you strategize, produce, and implement the right video campaigns to achieve your goals.

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