Conduit is the Center of Digital Engagement. This institutionally branded, all-in-one interactive platform empowers you to easily run large-scale online events, live chats, live stream through social media, and compile robust reporting for audience engagement benchmarking. Through Conduit, you build stronger and more informed relationships with your students, families, school counselors or alumni by meeting them where they are.

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Agency Service IconStrategy & Support

PlatformQ has built and executed online engagement strategies for a wide array of institutions for more than 10 years. Our team has the expertise and skills to build and execute your engagement plans from pre-planning and promotion to completion. Working with our team, your team can focus on doing what you do best … sharing your story with your students.

Strategy and Support

Branded EnvironmentBranded Environment

Our environment serves as the launch point for you to connect with your audience. Every environment maintains branded pages where you can run videos, post important links, host webcasts, and manage live chats. A variety of templates are available for you to build out your materials in a way that best supports your messaging and communication goals.

Branded Platform - Conduit University


We support a variety of webcast options – spanning live – on-demand, simulive and Facebook Live, with features such as multiple presenters and live chat.

Social Media IntegrationSocial Integration

With our Enhanced Simulcast feature, you can cast a wider net by simulcasting your Conduit presentations to the most popular social media platforms for college information (Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Twitter via Periscope Live). Now, in addition to the robust reporting on attendees joining your live and on-demand webcasts in Conduit, you can engage a wider audience and their influencers without any additional time commitment by your team.

Social Integration

Campus Connect

Campus Connect is a chat application you can manage across a variety of sites–whether it’s your .edu, an admitted student portal, or a partner site, Campus Connect lets your team have conversations with your prospective audience anywhere on the web. With Campus Connect, students can connect with you across multiple devices while you manage activity through one central application.


Q-Token allows your audience to immediately arrive at the event; bypassing your registration page, yet capturing all activity data. This reduces potential audience attrition often seen with event registration forms.


Q-Board is an online collaboration tool that allows you to connect with your audience prior to your event. Through Q-Board, you are able to poll your audience on the topics, and questions that are most important to them, ensuring your event reflects the information your audience is hoping to learn.

QBoard 2021

User Engagement Analytics and Reporting

We capture all prospect activity across our products – this includes registration information (reflecting who has visited your page), as well as activity information, reflecting links clicked, videos watched, and questions, or commentary, that takes place through our products.

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