Our team has decades of experience in online event management and promotion. Your team specializes in speaking with students and their parents every day. Our Marketing support services allow us to both play to our strengths and maximize your event success.

How it Works

  • Identify Your Targets

    Using your predictive models and unique priorities, we’ll help you identify your target audience for your specific engagement programs.

  • Event Marketing

    Our team builds a customized e-mail and text message sequence using Q-Mail and Q-Message to maximize attendance and reporting of program outcomes.

  • Maximize Attendance by Reducing Friction

    Direct log-in links called Q-Tokens are assigned to each student record to build a seamless log-in experience, maximizing attendance and reporting data, all while minimizing attrition.

  • Live Event Support

    On the day of your event our team will support full production; including audio/visual check and social media broadcast activation.

  • Measure and Report Success

    Post-event, our team will report event attendance and outcomes to your team via the easy-to-access Conduit dashboard

Elevate your with CONDUIT.