In a world where a robust virtual engagement plan is needed to achieve enrollment goals, no one partners with you better than PlatformQ Education and the Conduit virtual engagement platform.  Our team has decades of experience in online event management, marketing support services to maximize event success, and unique insight into the higher education landscape.  Your team specializes in working directly with your students, families, and campus partners while knowing all the best stories of what makes your institution special.  Together we will build a virtual experience that connects prospective students to your community in ways you never imagined before.

What PlatformQ Education and Conduit Can Do for You

  • Segment Your Audience

    Using your internal data and unique enrollment goals, we will help you identify and segment audiences to customize the virtual engagement experience.

  • Supplement Your Recruitment Plan

    Virtual engagement is one piece to the recruitment puzzle.  From in-person daily visits to open houses to admitted student days, we will help you identify how to strategically engage students virtually in support of, and sometimes in place of, these other initiatives.

  • Eliminate Barriers to Event Access

    Direct log-in links called QTokens are assigned to each student record to allow a seamless entrance to your virtual Conduit platform without a registration form, maximizing attendance and reporting, all while minimizing obstacles and attrition.

  • Maximize Attendance through Marketing

    Messaging to your specific audience is key and our marketing services team is available to support best practices for marketing virtual events.  Through QMail and QMessage, our team builds customized email and text message campaigns to drive attendance and improve program outcomes.

  • Receive Event Guidance and Support

    Your dedicated team of PQE experts provides insight into successful virtual events, ways in which to customize virtual engagement for your audience, and how to maximize the platform for the most engaging experience using live, simulated live, and on-demand content alongside live chat.

  • Measure Your Success

    Use post-event reporting to see which students engaged, how and what they engaged with, and to customize follow-up with attendees.  Through the use of easy-to-access reports in the Conduit dashboard, you will have the ability to make data-informed decisions about future events.

Elevate yourwith CONDUIT.