Admissions Visits During Omicron

Gil Rogers, executive vice president at PlatformQ Education, said via email that “the biggest challenge facing enrollment managers now is that they are being pulled in two different directions. On one hand they understand the value of digital engagement as a tool in their tool kit. On the other, they are under pressure to return to what their leadership deems ‘normal.’ All while being asked to make up for the Great Resignation. Furthermore, after two years of diminishing returns on attempt to replicate in-person experiences virtually, they are beginning to understand that a hybrid approach is less about virtual events and fairs and more about meaningful content. This is not too dissimilar to pre-pandemic when we understood that the right content at the right time via the right medium is what moves the needle.” […]

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Blog-Post-Virtual Tours

The “AHA” Moment: Reimagining Virtual Tours

“We just have to get them on campus. I know that once they step foot on our campus, they will feel that ‘aha’ moment and know that our school is the one for them.” We have all heard this phrase in one form or another, and many of us have believed it up until the pandemic forced colleges and universities to pivot to virtual options.

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Marketing and Data Privacy Updates. Cartoon image of a woman editing emails at her desk.

Marketing Changes | Engage Events and Conduit

If you aren’t keeping up with the sea of changing marketing and data privacy updates, you’re not alone. However, as your partner in virtual engagement, we want to ensure you understand the hurdles you are (or will soon be) facing and — more importantly — prepare you with the unified and easy-to-manage tools to level-up your enrollment efforts. […]

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